12 Week Challenge

By Aimee on

Christmas Photo

It was this picture that was taken at the beginning of December 2018 that really shocked me. I had been taking very small steps towards a healthier lifestyle but none of that had really amounted to much. I was sitting at roughly 72kg, struggling with back pain, sore hips and had no core muscle strength. I was tired all the time and in all honesty had given up and accepted that I was just going to be like this from now on. Also light warning on this very pic heavy post :)

But after this picture I decided that, no, I didn’t want to be like this. So I downloaded Kayla Itsines Sweat app on to my phone and got started. I was really happy that Sam decided to do this with me. We also both did a dry January and he started to exercise too.

Back Front Side

So Pre BBG weeks 1-4. This is my before photo (Back/front/side). The one that I have compared all my progress photos too if you follow me on instagram. The first 4 weeks really put me into a routine. Mondays I did legs, Thursdays I did arms and abs, and Saturdays I did full body. At the start because it was school holidays I also rode my bike to work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday which gave me my low intensity work outs. We would also ride our bikes to the markets on a Sunday.

Back Front Side

By the end of week 4 I was looking and feeling healthier already and as you can see I was starting to see immediate results. This spurred me on to continue. Workouts were generally achieved during Poppy’s nap. That’s my preferred time but sometimes I did them at night or just when I had a moment and Sam was able to mind the little rugrat that enjoyed working out with us. I loved knowing that she was watching us be healthy and start a healthy habit.

Back Front Side

The thing I loved about the app was its versatility. As the weeks went on there were a few times where I didn’t feel like doing a walk, or a bike ride, or even an arms workout. In those moments I changed the program and picked a yoga session, or a fast legs, something different that kept me exercising but made me happier than the workout that was traditionally scheduled.

Weeks 8-12 of the program were the hardest for me. Between easter, school holidays, hard workouts and just a general lack of motivation I didn’t complete what was expected of me in those weeks. I did 2 resistance trainings in those weeks instead of the 3 and maybe 1 to 2 low intensity trainings. It was nice when taking my photo today however that there was still showing improvement in my arms and back muscles even if my tummy looked a little worse for wear. (Did someone say chocolate?)

Back Front Side

If you have never heard of Kayla Itsines before or her bikini body guide (BBG) workout system or her app Sweat I suggest having a look. You can pick from a multitude of programs on the app, and a number of them you can do from home. I chose the regular BBG program where you do 3 resistance trainings per week. The idea is that it only lasts 28 minutes (slightly more if you’re doing warm ups, cool downs, and rests). In the first 7 minutes you have 4 exercises that you do for a particular number of sets. You go through these exercises as many times as you can in those 7 minutes. Then after a short rest (timed at 1 minute) you do another 7 minutes of a second circuit. Then you repeat circuit 1 for 7 minutes then circuit 2 for another 7. Hence the 28 minutes. And then it’s done. You do that twice more and you’ve done your resistance training for the week. The app suggests you do 3-4 low intensity steady state or LISS during the week and 2 foam roll and stretch sessions or 1 with a rest day.

In the beginning I was hitting all the marks. By the end not so much but I made sure I did at least 3 workouts per week.

Back Front Side

So as you can see by the photos filtered through the article that some great progress has been made. I unfortunately didn’t measure my self but the pictures were pretty good for me. I have also gone from 72 kg to between 65 and 66 kg depending on the day. To which I am pretty happy with. I was 65 kg when I met Sam and haven’t seen that number in a long time. Now weight isn’t always everything. But I can tell you now I can play with my daughter easier without tiring. I can get up off the floor without struggling as much. My clothes fit better, I feel more comfortable within my skin and sexier too. I’m taking better care of my emotional and mental health and listening to my body more. I know now that some foods don’t agree with me as much as others and we have taken on a more pescatarian diet with lots of tofu and fish.

Before and After

Today I started BBG 2.0 (weeks 13-24) So wish me luck! I am hopefully going to do a few more food posts too as the food we’ve been making lately is fun and different and delicious. I know I post about cakes a bit too but I’ll try a few healthy alternatives. The key to life is balance right?