Quarantine Cooking

If you are keeping up with the news and the rest of the world right now you are stuck at home and doing your best to visit the shops minimally. Sam and I decided to create a mighty meal plan to last us a month worth of dinners. We have gone to the shops a few times to pick up some fresh food milk and bread but otherwise we have been doing what we can to keep our distance. Read more

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

We had a family meeting recently to discuss our impact on the environment. The things we thought we were doing well and the things we wished to improve. Below are the things we believed we were doing well: * Going vegan * Driving the car less (riding our bikes more) * Making bentos for lunch (no plastic wrapping, all nude food) * Making some things from scratch (kimchi, stock, and soy milk). Read more

1 in 4

Trigger Warning - Miscarriage 1 in 4. I became that statistic back in November when we went through our first miscarriage. We had been trying for baby number 2 for a short time and thought we would get pregnant just as quickly as we did with our daughter. And we did, in a confusing sort of way. You see, with this one I miscarried before I even knew I was pregnant. Read more

New Year Resolutions!

It has been many months since my last post. We mentioned that we were going to Hong Kong but alas due to the political situation we decided to change locations last minute. So in August I was busy organising our trip to South Korea instead. In September we celebrated our daughters second birthday. Then in October we were in South Korea for most of the month. In November I was busy with Nanowrimo again and finished yet another novel. Read more

Hong Kong Packing List

Hong Kong isn’t for another few months but for those that know me know that I like to be organised. I started writing up a packing list the moment we booked flights 12 months in advance. Crazy? Yes is the answer for that. However a well packed and thought out bag makes me feel good and I enjoy doing it. I also recently downloaded this cool app that lets me put my clothes together and makes me feel semi professional. Read more

Bento Box

If you haven’t watched the documentary ‘Miso Hungry’ then I suggest you get on it. The image will link you to where you can watch the trailer and the film. Anyway as you came here for Bento Boxes, let me explain the link between the documentary and the Bento’s. In Miso Hungry, an overweight Australian goes to Japan to learn their culture around food to lose weight. He learns how to create a bento box from a Japanese woman and comes back to Australia and makes them for his lunch everyday. Read more


This weekend we have been married for a whole year. I can’t believe that a year has passed between that glorious winters day and this one. To commemorate that I wanted to share our wedding vows and a few photos of the day that you may have already seen done by our amazing photographer Jewel. You can check out her other beautiful weddings and work here. If you have a read of both you’ll see a bit of a common theme between the two. Read more

Basic DIY Reno

As most of you know Sam and I recently bought a house which has been really exciting. We have quite big plans for the house but funds are pretty tight at the moment. We will be heading out to Hong Kong later this year and after a somewhat surprising purchase no big renovations are happening. Loungeroom - Before purchase However! As I’ve never owned a house before I was pretty keen to get stuck into doing things I’ve never really been allowed to. Read more

About Me 2.0

Many things have changed since I started this blog in 2016. I completed my Masters of Primary teaching. Started working at Autism SA and using my teaching skills there. Married my wonderful husband who helped me start this blog in the first place, and birthed a daughter who is wild, mischievous and strong willed. She will be 2 later this year and I can’t wrap my head around the fact those years have already passed. Read more

12 Week Challenge

It was this picture that was taken at the beginning of December 2018 that really shocked me. I had been taking very small steps towards a healthier lifestyle but none of that had really amounted to much. I was sitting at roughly 72kg, struggling with back pain, sore hips and had no core muscle strength. I was tired all the time and in all honesty had given up and accepted that I was just going to be like this from now on. Read more