About Me 2.0

By Aimee on

Poppy and I

Many things have changed since I started this blog in 2016. I completed my Masters of Primary teaching. Started working at Autism SA and using my teaching skills there. Married my wonderful husband who helped me start this blog in the first place, and birthed a daughter who is wild, mischievous and strong willed. She will be 2 later this year and I can’t wrap my head around the fact those years have already passed. Sam and I also just ticked another bucket item off my list and we bought an apartment. I’m sure I will write some sort of post about it at some point. It has been a pretty big thing for us to achieve.

And yet there are some things that haven’t changed. I have continued with this blog and have continued to write only those things that inspire me, stories I feel need to be told. Whether they are read or not doesn’t bother me but writing feels good. It releases this sort of pent up energy and helps me to feel calm. It’s like an online diary full of my achievements, large and small alike. From tasty recipes I stumble across, projects I’ve done, health and fitness, travel, or whatever is my ‘thing’ at any given time. In my last 4 posts I’ve done 2 birthday cakes. Yet on my instagram I’m posting almost nothing but fitness updates. My pride is shown here. It’s almost a homage to the days I would say “Look mum at what I did!” (Although I will still call my mum and be excited to tell her all of my proud moments.)

I have learnt and grown these last few years but I’m still just as positive as I ever was, just as empathetic. I look after myself better now though. I’m healthier, happier, balanced. This comes from taking care of myself but also giving myself to those in need (like my daughter or my currently sick husband). Taking a break when needed. Letting myself say No if I want to. Having a nap, drinking tea and finding, somewhere, moments of me time. This ‘Me time’ helps me be a better mother, a better wife, and a better employee. But simply, a better me.

Maybe in another 3 years I will have changed again (most likely as I will have further experiences to add to who I am), to which I will look back at this updated version of my ‘about me’, and cringe a little as I did re-reading the last one.