Bullet Journal #2

By Aimee on

Journal Cover

Bringing in the new year the way I know how. My daughter bought me a lovely new bullet journal for Christmas and as my last one was almost finished I decided I would start a fresh with the new year.

This will be my third journal and have come to find certain things I love about my every day set up and things that I don’t use. My bullet journal isn’t a regular size, more a pocket size and love it this way. It makes it easier to tag along with me everywhere. The downside is that because of its unusual size a lot of layouts you see online don’t always fit. I have had to be creative but that’s one of the things I love about it anyway.

My future log has slightly changed since my first one. I now do it vertical instead of horizontal. I find this gives me more space and flows better.

Future Log

I still have the same Key with a few added extras, and still like to do some little decorations for title pages.

Key and Title page

This journal has all the page numbers added as well as an index page to make things really simple.

I have a number of collections or lists that I have transferred to the beginning of the last and this new journal. These are:

TV show and movie list

The things I do regularly in my bullet journal on a monthly are mood trackers. I’m trying a different style this year. Using the 5 point scale of emotional regulation which I use with my students at work and will now be applying to myself. I have also added some healthy habit trackers and a weight tracker. I also have ‘to do’ lists for work and tracking reports for my job. Mood and Habit Tracker

It seems fairly typical of a new year but I would love to be stronger and fitter over the course of the year before we go galavanting through Hong Kong and Sam and I try for our second beany baby.

Weight Loss tracker

My monthly’s are more or less the same and I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do for daily’s yet but by keeping the design similar it will be simple.