Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

By Aimee on

So for those that follow my instagram, you have already seen these outfits. And for those that follow my facebook page you’ve seen a sneak preview of outfit 1. One of my most recent posts was about my capsule wardrobe. In this post I will show you 10 different outfits using my new capsule wardrobe. Only a fraction of my clothes were worn and I had a mix of work days, casual days, and temperatures in the last week and a half.

My style is pretty relaxed anyway and I prefer comfort over high fashion but I think my wardrobe is one that everyone can feel inspired by.

Day 1

day 1

Boots, jeggings, olive green t-shirt, and a grey cardigan. Went to see my sister and the kids wearing this.

Day 2

day 2

Olive green jacket, grey t-shirt with the same boots and jeggings from day 1. This day was a work day.

Day 3

day 3

Saturday - relaxed look with my cargo pants, grey t-shirt and my purple columbia jumper. I don’t think we left the house but if we did I would’ve worn my sneakers.

Day 4

day 4

The weather was nice and I wanted to wear my button down dress. Paired with some leggings and boots makes for a comfortable but stylish outfit.

Day 5

day 5

This day was in no way stylish… I was sick and spent the day in bed. Trackies and a tank top was comfortable and warm.

Day 6

day 6

Day 6 and I was back at work. White and grey striped jumper, burgundy jeggings and flat black boots made an easy combo for getting in and out of my car all day for my job.

Day 7

day 7

Another work day wearing my olive green jacket again. Along with a white t-shirt and burgundy jeggings. Still wearing my flat black boots with the outfit too. I found the boots to be my go to shoes during winter for work.

Day 8

day 8

Birthday celebrations on this day. Flat black boots, high waisted jeggings, grey t-shirt and black and white striped cardigan. I had a few scarves that would’ve looked good with this too but the weather wasn’t cold enough.

Day 9

day 9

Day 9 and the first time seeing my flats and black and white striped t-shirt. Some favourites as you can see are the jeggings and grey short sleeved cardigan.

Day 10

day 10

And last but not least we finish with some high waisted shorts, casual sandshoes, white t-shirt and short sleeved cream knit cardigan. It looks like spring is here and it’s only the end of winter.

Now I’m off to finish some spring cleaning before some friends arrive to play dungeons and dragons.