Basic DIY Reno

By Aimee on

Sold Photo

As most of you know Sam and I recently bought a house which has been really exciting. We have quite big plans for the house but funds are pretty tight at the moment. We will be heading out to Hong Kong later this year and after a somewhat surprising purchase no big renovations are happening.

Poppy eating batter Loungeroom - Before purchase

However! As I’ve never owned a house before I was pretty keen to get stuck into doing things I’ve never really been allowed to. Things like painting and drilling holes. So this post is just a basic update on the things we have been able to do to update our space.

Poppy's Bedroom Poppy’s Bedroom - Before purchase

I started in Poppy’s bedroom with a few simple things. Some hooks to hang her backpacks and a wall sticker to measure her growth. For Christmas we plan on making her a ‘big girl’ room so will do more then.

Bag hook + Bag

height Chart

We also started making a small change in our bedroom by mounting a rug to the wall. I have wanted this rug mounted on a wall for years and finally I could do it. It’s simply a curtain rod with some curtain pegs holding it up and looks great. Sam wants to paint the wall behind it a dusty red and I think that will be lovely once we get around to it. We also want to build a wardrobe around the bed/window and add a desk to the opposite side like they did in the before purchase image.

Our bedroom Our Bedroom - Before purchase

Bedroom with rug

The biggest changes have been the living room/kitchen. I was determined to rid the house of it’s yellow. The kitchen, the floor, the tiles, the cabinets all had this yellowness to it. To battle that I bought some white tile paint and primer and some grey paint for the cabinets and got to work. I think it’s made a huge difference. Our long term goal is to replace the kitchen entirely but until then I’m happy with this result.

Kitchen Kitchen - Before purchase

Kitchen tiles Painted Tiles

painting kitchen Messy painting process

finished kitchen Complete

In the living room we purchased some new furniture - a table, bookshelf and will be buying a new coffee table (one with storage to make sure we aren’t wasting space in this little place).


We then also mounted some shelves high up on our tall ceilings to place some loved but read books. We grabbed a small shelf as our ‘entry way’ space and have added hooks to hang our bags and place our keys. I then spruced it up a bit with some cute family photos and a little decor.



Finally we mounted our TV to the wall to keep it away from the kidlets and because drilling holes is fun. Plus it swings out so we can get a good view of it from the couch.

height Chart Loungeroom - Before purchase

height Chart Current complete space

We still have to run a cable in a channel to hide it and put some art up on the opposite wall but are happy with the progress to the house in this short time.

I spent roughly $250 on the kitchen, most of the shelving is from Ikea at about $40/shelf with brackets, $50 on drill bits and screws and we spent a bit on furniture as we knew that was something we wanted to love. But overall this reno was cheap and easily doable.