By Aimee on

So I feel like a really bad person as it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve written a post. I wanted to discuss Nanowrimo with you today.

Nanowrimo stands for - National Novel Writing Month.

I first heard of it about 6 years ago and brushed it off casually. Since then I’ve started a few novel projects, get 20-30,000 words in and then hit a block and stop.

Basically in the month of November you aim to write 50,000 words of a novel. Traditionally you start a new novel and use the months of September and October to prep. But the rules have changed and you can continue working on a novel that you have previously started but only count the words written in November towards your 50,000.

The novel can be any genre you want and during the month you aim to finish your first draft. So no looking back and no editing. If you can help it anyway.

50,000 words for November breaks down into 1667 words a day. I aim to start the month off with a bang and spend a few days writing more than that so I have a bit of a buffer.

My novel is a YA fantasy romance. I wanted to keep it semi-simple so no crazy world building and keeping to a topic/area of interest and previous knowledge. I’ve written up my basic plot and characters and over this month I’m refining them. I have a lot of back story and know where I want my characters to go but also find that as I write my characters tend to develop on the page. I think I’m a typical plantser. I plan enough to get me started and give me a path to keep me moving but let my characters rule the story.

Below is my creative cover that Nanowrimo suggests you do when you sign up. Which is free. The site has forums and experts on almost any area you can think of and the community is pretty open and has been super helpful to me so far.

book cover