Weekend in Perth

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I recently spent the weekend in Perth. My best friend is pregnant and one of her friends organised a baby shower. It was beautifully set up. Anyway, I’m getting rather ahead of myself as this post is about the whole weekend away, not just the baby shower. Although that was a definite highlight.

Warning Picture Heavy Post!!!

First things first - my flight was delayed. But only by half an hour, so not so bad. I spend my time writing for Nanowrimo at the airport and on the plane. With 3000 words banked I felt good about the upcoming weekend.


The flight arrived, no dramas. I picked up my bag and headed out to the pick up zone. I was greeted by my bestie and her mum. I politely asked to touch her belly and gave her another cuddle. She was over in July for our wedding but I missed her anyway. The last time I was in Perth was for her wedding 3 years ago. I settled in quickly like I was home though.



The time difference had already hit me. 2 12 hours can knock you on your feet but I was determined to keep cracking on. The bestie organised a nice cheese board and cool drinks before we went to a pizza restaurant later in the evening when her husband returned home from work. The pizza place was called Monsterella. It was named because the daughter of the owners couldn’t say Mozzarella. Cute, I thought. It as a BYO with the drinks as well so T organised a nice rosé and a red. I ordered a simple pizza, similar to what Sam and I make at home to compare but I shared pieces with the others and they did the same with me. T had a very spicy slice that was hot yet delicious.


Night one done! We had a big laugh in the car as we discussed how to pronounce the band name REO Speedwagon and their album title ‘You can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish’. If you’ve never heard any of their stuff you can head over here and listen to it

My bestie laughed so much she almost wet her self. But bear in mind, like I said, she’s pregnant.

I woke up super early on the Saturday. 4 am Perth time. So headed outside to do some writing and drink some tea.


The plan for the day was to head to a place called Float for some relaxation before setting up for the baby shower. Bestie made us some fruit smoothies before driving us down there.


Float Sign

It was an interesting experience to say the least. There was this large white pod as pictured. You could close the lid, have it pitch black, with no sound and you would float. The water is full of epsom salts that help detox your skin and make you incredibly buoyant. We had to shower first, I chose to have rainfall sounds and spent the hour between pitch black and lights. I was sensory seeking by touching the sides of the tub but tried to let go of everything. My skin felt great after the hour was up but I struggled with the concept. As we walked around the shops after though I swear I needed some sound proof headphones and sunglasses to block out some of the sensory input. It was disorientating.

Before picture


Moving forward to the afternoon we had a bit of time to watch Mamma Mia - Here we go again. I’d seen it but the others hadn’t and the original is my besties favourite movie.

Mamma Mia

After a few tears in the movie we got ready for the Baby shower. Lots of moving things about, cleaning, putting up decorations, and bowing down to the almighty organisation of J. She did an incredible job which you can see by the pictures.

Gift Table

Grazing table

Dessert Table

The night went smoothly. There were games, like the price is right, labour or lovin, beer belly or baby belly, and the one that I won. Writing down a name for every letter of the alphabet in one minute. Woo! Those chocolates are already eaten. We then gorged ourselves on quiche, sausage rolls and pulled pork buns with slaw. And if I wasn’t full before, there was the dessert table to stick my sweet teeth in.


I was super excited to see all of my besties gifts, to which she was spoilt rotten. Here are a few of the cuter more in focus pictures of the unwrapping section of the evening. We then took some more photos, talked everything baby and after everyone left I crashed.

Opening gift 1

Opening Gift 2

beste and T

Only to wake up to a message saying my flight had been cancelled. Before freaking out completely I was able to swap it to a different flight and in all honesty it was an upgrade so thumbs up for that. A few cups of tea later the bestie and I then travelled to the shops to get some breakfast. Nothing beats bacon, beans, and eggs on toast.


We then looked through Sam’s and my wedding photos as she hadn’t seen them all yet then went for a walk around Pinnaroo Memorial Park. It was this beautiful environmentally friendly cemetery. There’s no large gravestones just small plaques and lovely walking trails and kangaroos everywhere. A definite must see if you ever visit. Simply beautiful.

Memorial Park 1


Memorail Park 2

Memorial Park 3

Once we got home it was time to go. With that I said my goodbyes, checked in to the flight, changed my gate twice before getting on the flight and heading home. I watched a movie, relaxed and had Sam waiting up for me when I walked through my front door. One of the loveliest weekends away. our next trip is back there in march to see the little munchkin. It will be Poppy’s first flight and I can’t wait.

Besite and I