Spring/Summer Carry On Checklist

By Aimee on

So let’s be honest here, I know that many people have gone Pinterest hunting for help on how to pack for their trip away, myself included. So why am I creating a checklist when there is already so many out there? Because I love lists! I love double checking with what I have put on my list and ticking things off or highlighting them. It makes me feel like I have achieved something.

So today I am going to share with you my checklist for a spring/summer get away. Now I think what you pack for two weeks is the same as what you pack for two months as you can do washing in between anyway, and being a spring/summer holiday you won’t need big jackets and things so travelling should be pretty light. I’m going to Japan later this year in July, and will be there for two weeks so I will be using this exact checklist. The Japanese are a bit more conservative when it comes to clothing as well, so when I write “shorts” I’m going to be wearing shorts that go just above my knee. If I was going to Bali my shorts would be mid-thigh, just as an example.





Toiletries: (all liquids in travel sized containers)

So there you have it! My ultimate summer packing list. If you think of anything you think would be necessary to add let me know! I occasionally bring a camera but have decided against putting it in the list. And I don’t think a tablet is necessary as my phone is everything I need it to be.