Hong Kong Packing List

By Aimee on

Hong Kong isn’t for another few months but for those that know me know that I like to be organised. I started writing up a packing list the moment we booked flights 12 months in advance. Crazy? Yes is the answer for that. However a well packed and thought out bag makes me feel good and I enjoy doing it.

I also recently downloaded this cool app that lets me put my clothes together and makes me feel semi professional.

This packing list is just the clothes that I will be bringing for myself and accessories. I have written another packing list post that lists electronics and other things you need to travel with here. I have also written this post listing what I packed in my and P’s carry on when we did Perth. We will be there for a little over 2 weeks and during October the weather during the day is often in the high 20’s so the clothes are a bit of a mix.

I tend to keep things pretty minimal and keep in mind what works in multiple outfits.

So the things I will be packing are:












And here are some of the outfits I’ve planned to make sure it all works together.

Travel day / Plane trip outfits.

travel outfit 1

travel outfit 2

Going out outfits


Skirt and top

Everyday outfits

Jeans and t-shirt

Jeans and shorts

Jeans and t-shirt

Beach wear!


And that’s about it really. I’ve had heaps of fun playing around with outfits using stylebook putting together a myriad of outfits that I haven’t shown here with the few items that I am taking with me. I think it comes down to picking some neutral colours (denim, blacks, creams) with one or two pops of colour in the tops and accessories and keeping everything interchangeable and simple. I believe I should be able to run around after a toddler with the outfits I’ve chosen too.