Simple Dinosaur Cake

My nephew asked for a dinosaur cake for his birthday this year. I spent some time trawling through pinterest to find something achievable but also something new that looked good. I decided to try a slab cake. I had been practicing cooking circular cakes for layering and had started to get sick of it. Hence the slab cake. For the cake I used this recipe here. As you can see the cake batter was thoroughly enjoyed. Read more

Flying with a lap toddler

Firstly I must say how fortunate we were. The flights weren’t full and for both flights we had a seat for our daughter. The only time we had to actually have her on our laps was during take off, landing, and the first hour of the flight before the guy next to us moved to a spare seat. A big thanks to the flight attendant who asked him to move. Read more

Elsa 'Dolly Varden' Cake

Birthday Cakes. On my bucket list I wanted to get better at cake decorating/making. With this cake I feel that I can say although a challenge, it was definitely successful. To start with I made 2 batches of this lovely red velvet cake. Being Elsa I just changed it from red velvet to blue velvet by changing the food colouring. This made 4 cakes in our rice cooker. That’s right, I cooked them in our rice cooker. Read more

How we used the Konmari method to Tidy our home

Have you heard of the Konmari method of tidying? It’s recently blown up because of a Netflix TV series called ‘Tidying Up’. A Japanese woman named Marie Kondo spends time helping people find joy in their belongings and their lives by decluttering. She did originally start by writing this book pictured below. Her way is so unique because you sort things by category and not by room. She also has a unique way of getting into the rhythm of what sparks joy by working your way from the easier stuff to the harder stuff. Read more

Kids Cupcakes

Today was my sisters birthday. She messaged me the other day whilst I was at work and asked me to look after her kids. To which, of course, I said yes. I had the day free and I had a few ideas of things we could do. The first idea was a cake, but then thought they would have more fun and have more control over decorating cupcakes. I wanted the kids (who are almost 7 and 8) to have as much control in the kitchen which was safely possible, and they impressed me. Read more

Nude by Nature Review

Being the new year I have taken some time to reflect on some of my choices over the last 12 months. I was proud to reflect back and look at some of the environmental choices we made. Nothing huge or mind blowing but we became more aware of our impact. The way we recycle, the way we purchase products, the type of products we buy, what we eat. This got me thinking about the type of makeup I have and wear. Read more

Bullet Journal #2

Bringing in the new year the way I know how. My daughter bought me a lovely new bullet journal for Christmas and as my last one was almost finished I decided I would start a fresh with the new year. This will be my third journal and have come to find certain things I love about my every day set up and things that I don’t use. My bullet journal isn’t a regular size, more a pocket size and love it this way. Read more

Weekend in Perth

I recently spent the weekend in Perth. My best friend is pregnant and one of her friends organised a baby shower. It was beautifully set up. Anyway, I’m getting rather ahead of myself as this post is about the whole weekend away, not just the baby shower. Although that was a definite highlight. Warning Picture Heavy Post!!! First things first - my flight was delayed. But only by half an hour, so not so bad. Read more


Scrivener. What is it? Why am I writing a post about it? Well, here’s the thing. I was getting myself ready for Nanowrimo. Doing a bunch of research and naturally just happened upon this pretty piece of software. I was able to download a Nanowrimo specific trial version and I am in love. I feel organised (enough) and motivated. So my post is a little list of the things I love and how I have used Scrivener to set up my Nano novel. Read more


So I feel like a really bad person as it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve written a post. I wanted to discuss Nanowrimo with you today. Nanowrimo stands for - National Novel Writing Month. I first heard of it about 6 years ago and brushed it off casually. Since then I’ve started a few novel projects, get 20-30,000 words in and then hit a block and stop. Basically in the month of November you aim to write 50,000 words of a novel. Read more